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2. Tips for Ordering Purified Water
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If this is the first time ordering water,

please contact our staff to:

1. Choose the type of water

2. Pay for 10 barrels + 1 or 2 empty barrel, if you choose barrel water

3. We will arrange for the delivery, normally the water will arrive around 1~2 hours after placing the order

4. We will invite you to our water group, so you can order from there next time

For the renew of the barrel water: 

1. If you pay for 1 empty barrel, every time replacement of barrel water can only be 1 barrel, as they need the empty barrel back for the replacement. If you pay for 2 empty barrels, then you can have 1 or 2 barrel water delivered every time according to your request, but they will need equal number of empty barrel back. Empty barrel payment is non-refundable payment. 

2. We start of 10 barrels water for sale, and each time re-buy is 10 barrels. We will send out the delivered water details from time to time for you to check the usage status.

Second time and later:

1. Please ask for water in the group:【Casa Rental】SZ Life Service, for example, "Can I have a barrel/ 2 barrels of water delivered? "

2. No need to mention address, we will confirm and deliver after we received the message, normally the water will arrive around 1~2 hours after placing the order

3. Please make sure the delivery guy will have access to get the empty barrel from you and then drop the replacement of new barrel 

If you are interested in our water delivery service, please add our WeChat: casarentalchina, for more information! Thanks!

Here is our water product list for your reference, thanks!

Water Pricing-20220315.png

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